You can extend your growing season harvesting late into the season with a Cold Frame.

Cold Frame

Our Cold Frame helps to create and maintain warmer soil and air temperatures than the surrounding environment. Utilizing a Cold Frame in the Spring enables earlier planting, which can result in healthier plants, and larger harvests. Fall utilization of a Cold Frame will enable a later harvest and peace of mind during early season frosts and storms.

Made in Maine from thick 1.25" eastern white cedar, this sturdy and beautiful design is extremely durable and naturally rot resistant. The Cold Frame utilizes a triple walled polycarbonate glazing for optimal light transmission and insulation. The front panel also utilizes the polycarbonate glazing resulting in a 25% increase in effective growing area. The hinged and pinned top cover can support

itself in 2 open positions, can withstand moderate winds, and can be folded out of the way. The Cold Frame can be outfitted with an automatic opening device for an additional $50.

Dimensions: 4' x 4', Front: 12" high, Back: 18" high.
Assembly required.

Price: $325

The Able Potting Table is yet another sensible, heirloom quality home and garden accessory.

Able Potting Table
Maine Garden Products produces sensible heirloom quality home and garden accessories. Born of pure Yankee ingenuity, the Able Table reflects the very best of Maine's long tradition of functional art, craftsmanship and utility.

We chose materials for the Able Table assuming it would be left outside year around. Eastern white cedar combined with what is known in New England as "trap wire” were the obvious choices. Eastern white cedar has natural preservatives which protect it during the long winters and west summers here in Maine. 'Trap wire' is used by local manufactures to build lobster traps - which have to survive some of the harshest conditions the planet has to offer.

The table is assembled using all galvanized hardware and comes with 6 brass hooks for keeping your favorite tools handy at the bench.

The optional 5" wheels under two of the table legs make the table easy to move around your greenhouse, patio, deck or garden.

Dimensions: Upper Shelf Height: 45", Table top Height: 33.75", Lower Shelf Height: 15", Overall Dimensions:
50"L x 26"W x 45"H
Weight: 65 lbs.
Assembly required.

Price: $279
Price: $289
With Wheels

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